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WebDesign Ltd. - overview

The company of WebDesign Ltd. was founded in April 1997 and it is the first web design company in Bulgaria. From its very beginning WebDesign has been developing Internet software specializing in web site design and web based applications. We are proud to say that during those years the company has won the recognition of a leading Bulgarian web design team. Our major strength is the ability to offer a wide range of web based applications and Internet presentation services but also, to solve specific problems in the programming, the design and the web marketing.



WebDesign has developed more than 500 web projects for its clients including foreign clients from Sweden, Austria, USA, Canada, Algeria, Switzerland and Israel. 


Specific projects and technologies

  • Interactive financial system - deposit accounts, real time financial operations, session encoding
  • A technology for generated interactive e-stores
  • Banner systems and statistics
  • Automated web publishing system
  • Interactive 3D models and worlds integrated in the web platform
  • Virtual exchanges, statistics